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Winter is coming, be careful on the roads

The Town posted a “friendly reminder” on Facebook to “ensure our community remains accessible.”
Roads and highways are difficult to navigate with compact snow reported from west of Witset to east of Telkwa. (Deb Meissner photo)

The Town of Smithers is reminding residents to take increased precautions on the roads, as winter approaches.

The Town posted a “friendly reminder” on Facebook to “work together to ensure our community remains accessible for the snowy season!”

Residents can assist by:Making sure vehicles are parked in designated parking areas or on off-street parking.

Vehicles left on the street may be towed, or damaged by snow plows.

Removing any belongings, such as hockey or basketball nets, from the roads.

Staying informed about local road conditions and snow plowing operations.

Adding more time to your trips to accommodate unexpected delays due to snow plowing

About the Author: Morgan Powell, Local Journalism Initiative

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