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Sylvester Jonathan Edgar


December 25, 1981
In loving Memory ~
Sylvester Jonathan Edgar was born in Metlakatla Alaska - October 27th, 1900 to December 25th, 1981. Sylvester left home to join the Marines when he was 18 years old. After serving his country for 4 years stationed in Seattle Washington, he travelled to Hazelton to visit his mother Sophie Morrison who was married to Richard Morrison in Kispiox. Sylvester never had a brother, so he was really happy to have Moses Morrison as his brother. They were really close, more than biological brothers. He told me he had eight sisters, Cora Crosby from Rupert, Harriet Hudson from Kitsalas, Ethel and Alivina from Metlakatla Alaska, Merriam from Seattle Washington, Kate from California, I can't remember the other two.
Sylvester always worked, and his job as a logger across the river in Gitsegukla ( J. Woodcock logging camp ) was always waiting for him when he came back from fishing in Rupert. He always went on a trip with our mother after his fishing ended. Mostly to Metlakatla Alaska, Vancouver sometimes and the Seattle World's Fair in 1963. They also visited us in Williams Lake and Revelstoke.
His mother Sophie was born in Metlakatla B.C., and her mother in Port Simpson B.C., so when I went to Rupert after I left home I never met so many relatives in my life.
Sylvester played drums in a band and baseball in his younger years. His favourite singer was Louis Armstrong who he saw at the World's Fair in Seattle.
He moved his family back to Metlakatla Alaska before I was born but my mother was so sick there that they moved back to Kispiox where they got kicked off the reservation by an Indian agent because he wouldn't allow his children to go to residential schools.
We had visitors from Metlakatla Alaska sometimes when fishing season was over. We had a cousin who worked on the payroll in the Whitehouse who told us he drank with Teddy Roosevelt.
He will always be remembered for his kindness to his friends and family. He made working around the house fun for the 6 adopted grandchildren that lived with us, and his cooking. He was also a cook on the Seine boat he worked on.
Although it's sad to reminisce
on Christmases, we know
this year we shall celebrate
the memories of you.
We'll put aside our sorrow
with every unshed tear.
And concentrate on all the joy
we shared when you were here.

With love
Cheryl Watts, Annette Sorensen,
Tracy Dutton and Mavis Krause.