Performers off to China

‘Ksan Performing Arts sent out a big thank you to everyone who helped make the Fun Feast and Gwee ii aa a success last week as they left on their adventure to China.

The event was created to raise money to help cover the expenses of their trip and there were several performances including one by the Kispiox School called “The Mountain Goats of Damalaxhamid.” There was a salmon dinner, and organizer Shirley Muldon said the event was a total success. They also split the money raised with the Skeen Ice Arena.

The performers  left for China on May 23 and won’t be back until June 9 and include: Nathan Combs, Chris Johnson, Kevin Martin, Darron Matthews, Kirby Muldoe, Robert Sebastian,  Daniel Wilson, Angie Combs, Virginia Duncan, Dianne McRae, Lisa Mowatt, Shirley Muldon, Sharon  Ness and Sandy Wright.

In addition, the expedition will also provide artists Arlene Ness & Daniel Yunksw with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills exhibit as well as an opportunity to market their art.

Cheryl Sebastian, principal of Aboriginal Education for Coast Mountain School District in Terrace is also making the journey and will take part in ‘The International Forum’.

Muldon also shared that Dr. Qiang Li, of the Inter Culture Research and Training Centre, at the University of Ottawa, extended an invitation to them on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa.

“Dr. Li is our Chinese Liaison and Dr. Marie-Francoise Guedon also from the University of Ottawa, is accompanying us as well,” she shared. “Marie worked at ‘Ksan in the 70’s and took part in our show ‘Breath of Grandfathers’,  in Ottawa in 1972.”

While there, they have a busy schedule she said.

“We plan on touring The Great Wall of China on May 26 and visiting the Forbidden City on the 27 before going to Chengdu for the Opening Ceremony and Grande Parade of the 3rd International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage on May 29,” she said. “We are performing in Chengdu until June 3.  On June 4th we leave for LiJiang, enroute to Lu Gu Lake, where we will be the guests of the Mosuo People, the only matriarchal aboriginal group in China.  After a cultural exchange with that community we will return to LiJiang on June 6, tour the LiJiang Ancient City  before taking part in another Cultural Exchange.”

Muldon added that they are all looking forward to the adventure and have been informed that a Chinese delegation would like to visit Hazelton and surrounding communities this summer.

“They would like to know when would be the best time to visit,” she said.