Outdoor movie and Fall Smithers Film Series

Outdoor movie and Fall Smithers Film Series

An outdoor movie at Bovill Square Friday caps summer just before the Fall Film Series begins Sunday.

Temperatures are cooling and the sun is setting earlier as autumn approaches. This time of year can make people feel like grabbing a bag of popcorn and watching a fine film.

With that in mind, the Town of Smithers plans on showing another SkyHi outdoor movie at Bovill Square, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but on Sept. 15 at 9:30 p.m. Casablanca is a classic 1942 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman based in the Moroccan city in the early Second World War.

Things kick off at 9 p.m. with a free jazz concert featuring the Colin Maskell Quartet. People are encouraged to come in their finest 1940s inspired dress. A prize will be given to someone who does.

The Smithers Fall Film Series also starts soon. Films play at the Roi Theatre every second Sunday at 6 p.m. unless indicated:

Sept 17 Maudie (Canada/Ireland) 115 min

A biopic of Maude Lewis, the celebrated self-taught artist, who became a leading figure in the Naïve Art movement. It’s had incredible accolades and tells a beautiful story in an emotional and a really compelling way. Maud’s life was constricted, but her gaze was expansive. And so is her movie.

Oct 1 The Big Sick (USA) 120 min

Based on the real-life courtship between a Pakistan-born aspiring comedian and a grad student, who connect after one of his standup sets. Funny, heartfelt, and intelligent, with appealing leads and clever writing, “The Big Sick” is one of the best films of 2017.

Oct 15 Their Finest (UK) 117 min

“Their Finest” is a comedy-drama about a group of filmmakers struggling to make an inspirational film to boost morale during the Blitz of London in World War II and a a talented woman forging her place in the world. Featuring a cast with some of the UK’s most charismatic comedic actors and full of witty banter.

Oct 29 Manifesto (Australia/Germany) 95 min

From acclaimed visual artist Julian Rosefeldt, “Manifesto” features 13 different characters, embodying the artistic and political manifestos of Communism, Dadaism, Futurism, Minimalism, Surrealism, and other movements, in this playful, subversive and visually breathtaking feature. From anchorwoman to homeless man, from Pop Art to Dogma 95, “Manifesto” is a blast of fresh air and a stunning call to action.

Nov 12 TBA

Nov 26 Graduation (Romania) 127 min

Well-written, powerfully acted, deeply intelligent human saga about a doctor who channels his ambitions for a better life into his teenage daughter and the choices people make as they claw their way up. Although the film is set in Romania, its moral quandaries could be taking place anywhere.

Dec 10 The Other Side of Hope (Finland/Germany) 98 min

A comedy-drama about the refugee crisis and an unlikely community coming together under difficult circumstances. A deeply humane film, as well as a quietly hilarious one. The “Other Side of Hope” is full of playful asides and moving moments, outbursts of music, joy and despair.


Outdoor movie and Fall Smithers Film Series