Mz. Judged 2016. (File photo)

Mz. Judged 2016. (File photo)

Mz. Judged latest victim to fall to COVID

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Another event has been cancelled because of health concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This time, the biannual Mz. Judged contest has been put on hold.

Northern Society for Domestic Peace’s (NSDP) charity pageant where men dress as women, normally draws a huge crowd and a lot of money is raised for men’s programs to end violence against women.

“We usually raise upwards of $40,000,” said NSDP Executive Director Carol Seychuk. “It is for our men’s program that doesn’t have core funding from the ministry.”

NSDP has applied for some grants to help make up for the shortfall and will use other fundraising money to run the programs.

However, Seychuk added the funds raised from the event aren’t the only thing that will be missed.

“The community connection we get with Mz. Judged is something else we will miss. It gives us contact with people we might not normally get and it allows us to provide some education in the community,” she added. “It is very much a community event for us, we are missing that much.”

NSDP has not decided yet if it will hold the event next year or wait another two years.

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