Mark Perry plays the Della Herman Theatre in Smithers April 15.

Mark Perry plays the Della Herman Theatre in Smithers April 15.

Mark Perry releasing new album, funds diabetes cure

Mark Perry kicks off his new album release tour in Smithers Friday night while raising money for diabetes research.

Mark Perry will release his new CD entitled Northern Waters, tour the Northwest and raise money for diabetes research starting April 15.

Still a top-secret project, Perry teased that listeners can expect roots, percussion and drum-based music inspired by his experiences in the Northwest when he performs at the Della Herman Theatre on April 15.

“I started out with this song, it’s called Gramophone Creek,” said Perry, referring to a Moricetown stream. “This friend of mine said to me, I should write a song about it.”

Perry used his imagination to craft a story about the creek.

“He believed it was the truth,” said Perry, referring to his friend whom he played the song to. “Could have been, it’s hard to say.”

His new album has many songs inspired by water in the North, hence the title.

“I didn’t mean to, a lot of bodies of water appeared in these songs, it ran along without a plan, sometimes you just see where you went and that’s the title that made sense for that group of songs,” said Perry. “To be somewhat real, being connected to an area is actually, for me, is a bit of a bonus. I like it.”

Perry’s Smithers concert will exclusively feature three guests including Valentin Puentes, Alex Cuba’s dad, who will start off the night playing Cuban music. Mark Thibeault will also join him on stage.

“He’s actually a really artistic player, he plays electric guitar, steel guitar and he’s also an incredible [instrument] builder,” said Perry.

Perry’s daughter, known by her band name MIP, will accompany Perry on the bass.

“They can expect [to] hear some new songs and some ones that they know, I think it will be a really fun musical event,” said Perry.

Tickets can be bought at Mountain Eagle Books for $20, and Perry will give a quarter of the proceeds to the JDRF (formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), specializing in Type 1 diabetes research.

“I don’t have it myself, but I have brothers who have it,” he said, adding that he has two younger brothers who suffered from diabetes since their teens and an older brother who was just diagnosed with it.

“It’s lifelong, life-threatening,” said Perry. “Believe me it’s a social and physical battle.”