Canada 150+ gallery reception

Reception tonight for Canada 150+ exhibit at Smithers Art Gallery and the Bulkley Valley Museum.

Canada 150+ gallery reception

Smithers Art Gallery and the Bulkley Valley Museum proudly present a joint exhibition of community artwork and local artifacts to celebrate Canada 150 through which we hope to engage and bring together our diverse community to build a better understanding of our different experiences and shared commonality.

Art galleries and museums are places of dialogue and reflection, where we can share our individual stories with our community, and encounter both shared experiences, and new perspectives and ideas. The community was invited to create works of art that reflect their personal story of Canada — exploring their roots, personal history, daily experience, or what Canada means to them through any medium.

Artifacts were selected from the Museum’s collection to tell stories from the past, enabling us to reflect on how we have grown and changed over the past 150 years. Some of these items leave lingering questions. Many stories are yet to be fully told or understood.

There is no one “Canadian story” but rather it is all of our stories coming together.

Exhibition dates: June 13 – July 15

Opening reception: Friday, June 16, 7-9 p.m. – free and open to everyone, refreshments provided.


Caroline Bastable, Gallery Manager:, (250) 847-3898

Kira Westby, Curator, BV Museum:, (250) 847-5322


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