Close to 300 local artists of all ages donated over 350 pieces to the gallery for a silent auction in 2018. (Michael Grace-Dacosta)

Close to 300 local artists of all ages donated over 350 pieces to the gallery for a silent auction in 2018. (Michael Grace-Dacosta)

Art Gallery 6×6 auction back

Gallery’s biggest fundraiser is now open for submissions

The ever growing and increasingly popular fundraiser at the Smithers Art Gallery is back.

The 6×6 art auction is now open for artists to get a blank canvas.

The community exhibition fundraiser is open to anyone to channel their inner artist. This year’s theme is Happy Place.

Blank 6”x6” panels are available now at the gallery for $5 or artists can make their own out of any material.

Artwork will be exhibited and available for sale by silent auction from October 11-14. The final bidding happens on Friday October 14 with appetizers, wine, craft beers and friendly competition.

Gallery Manager Nicole Chernish said this event keeps getting bigger.

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“The first ever 6×6 show and auction was held in honour of our 40th anniversary in 2011,” she said. “It happened again in 2012 and then became a biennial event after that. So this will be the 6th auction over the past 12 years.”

The first year of the event they sold 300 panels and in 2018 they sold 500. The past two years they have had over 300 panels in the gallery for the auction.

She added this event is one of the gallery’s most important fundraisers, with all proceeds from the silent auction supporting their free admission to exhibitions, low-cost workshops, art classes, kids’ programs and support for artists.

“It keeps workshop costs low and ensures access to the gallery is always free for everyone,” she said. “In 2018 we raised about $13,000. We have now had four years with no fundraising, so we are anticipating a fabulous, exciting event with our theme ‘Happy Place’ and hope we can match or even exceed that dollar amount.”

Cherish said there are so many things she loves about this event including its inclusivity. “Everyone can participate, we encourage all ages to share their talents whether they are an absolute beginner or professional artist.”

She said it is also so fun because of the suspense and surprise of the anonymity of the art.

“No one knows who did what piece of art – there are no signatures on the front so you have to wait until the end to see who the artist is,” she said. “In the past we have had groups of professional artists who get together and paint in the style of another artist to have a bit of fun.”

The galley will accept artwork from now until Saturday, October 8, 2022.


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