Interior News Editorial

Interior News Editorial

Create a tempting place in Smithers for tourists to stop and stay

There is no doubt that tourists are attracted to our mountain town. The locals are friendly, the views are scenic, the shopping and eating venues are many and varied. Our town council and most of the business and resident taxpayers are all on board with attracting the destination traveler.

What would also help is a way for us to better tempt those passing through to pull in and take a deep breath of valley air. That temptation deserves consideration.

Take some Tripadvisor® comments on Houston’s Steelhead park for example,

* “… beautiful walking trails and amazing well kept gardens of very colorful flowers…”

* “…great place to stretch your legs. Nice flowers and green space.”

* ”This is a wonderful park in all seasons!”

* “… this easy access park is located on Highway 16 and offers beautiful walking…”

If you get them to stop, take walk, take a pee and let the kids run around for a bit, what might be the odds that they decide to fuel up for the next stretch of driving?

Of course, while they wander downtown who knows what else might attract their attention. The bonus of course is we ourselves would have that flowered green space to enjoy along with them.

Yes, something to consider.