Who is that face staring back?

Brenda’s improved sight has been an eye-opening experience.

Who is that face staring back?

Someone else has been in this cabin in the woods.

Couldn’t tell you who it might have been. I will have to ask that wrinkled old lady I saw in the mirror this morning. Where did she come from ? She sort of looked like me. Had the white hair and all.

But I ask you, where did she get that wrinkle in her ears. She had crepe paper-like neck skin. Come on, how does this happen? Of course I know that old thing in the mirror was really me but I had not seen myself for many years. Now that I have eyesight, my world certainly has some surprises.

For instance, you would think I would wipe that dirty mark near the bathroom light switch. Cobwebs marking every corner. No wonder I couldn’t see much outside my window — who would put all that dirt on the glass? Certainly can’t be the birds.

I am not a fastidious housekeeper but you would think I could vacuum the carpet from time to time. Solution for that problem? I bought a new vacuum.

Even as I talk to you today I can see a cobweb swinging like a pendulum from the ceiling.

Just amazing I tell you, that I can see all that stuff. The biggest thrill has been able to see birds in trees, or flying over. Last night as I sat outside to groom the critters I thought I saw my tame crow Buster in the distance. I called him to come on over but no luck. On the closer inspection I realized that the crow I saw was actually a tree. Couldn’t see that tree before.

Everything is very bright out there so sunglasses are still worn. I can actually see without prescription glasses! My vision has gone from 20/200 to 20/35 !

Medical science has come such a long way. Just to think even as senior people we can get some of our parts replaced, tests might show that a medication could solve a lingering problem. Or you could get your eyes checked so one day you could be like me and see your world like it really is. My only suggestion is to clean house before eye surgery. No need to be embarrassed like I was when friends came into this place.

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