When feeling hosed, so many to help us be stress free

Brenda on the bearish stresses of life and those who make things more bearable.

Brenda Mallory

Brenda Mallory

Stress! Do you have any of that?

I know so many of you tell me about the stress you have in your life. It might be a small thing or something you are sure you will never get over. I guess I just have the day-to-day stresses.

Yesterday it was the bear hanging around close enough that the dogs could either smell it or hear it — or both.

All the activity is on hold until I get upstairs to bed down for the night. I yell down to the dogs hoping they will hear me through the plastic windows. Soon it will be quiet.

So darn stressful.

House stuff can be very stressful for an old widow like me. I am lucky that I have good friends who step up to make sure things are fixed.

However, the other day I was stressed about the shower head thingy dripping more than I could stand.

I figured I could fix that. I found the right tool, proceeded to the tightening part when the whole thing came off in my hand and shot water across the room. Now that was stressful.

My fixer person named Cas was away. What to do? Folks had told me about the good work done by CopperRiver plumbing. Called them explaining everything to a very nice person named Amber. She asked me all the right questions telling me soon that help would be coming. Stress is going down.

I did stop the water issue on a temporary basis, Cas came the next day and fixed the problem for now. By golly, the folks from CopperRiver plumbing called to see if I needed any help. Naomi offered good advice telling me they would help when I needed it.

This story seems to be going on and on as I sometimes do. The point is that we are lucky up here knowing there is someone to help when it is needed.

Let me share a few more of my stress busters. Leroy at Midway will solve a problem with my old car as will the good people at All Season Garage in Smithers; Smithers Feed store will help me select the right dog food or mouse trap. No stress there.

I love Home Hardware. I have rising stress about something. I go to the store and someone will ask me if I need help. Steve usually spots me from a distance knowing I am looking like I have stress.

I should be able to list other businesses that offer me stress free service. No Frills, Pharmasave are among them. Ask for help and it is given.

As we age stress seems to become an integral part of our lives. Maybe if you think about the good things we have in our lives stress will take a emotional backseat.

So on this beautiful night when the setting sun shines through the fall leaves, I feel no stress at all.

Try for a stress-free day. It could improve your health.

You can call me about stress at 250-846-5095 or email to mallory@bulkley.net.