What beeps and boops in Las Vegas should stay in Las Vegas

Brenda isn’t too sure how smart artificial intelligence is for her.

Brenda Mallory

Brenda Mallory

You know what they say!

Whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. Darn good idea if you were to ask me.

Just this very day I hear about a big convention happening there that deals with artificial intelligence. Heck, I thought that is what we had already.

Actually it had to do with robots. Just a little something to improve our lives. Some little artificial being could help do homework or stream music. I have no idea about either.

Not to worry, I could still have some kind of experience with this robotic concept. Apparently they are great for the elderly. They can keep us company. Really?

It was said that some kind of hook-up would talk to me during the day.

For instance, I could be told that I have been sitting long enough and it is time for me to move my ample butt and go for a walk. As it stands now, I know I have to walk because I have dogs and a cat who would like to do the same.

While I am up and about I could vacuum or I could have a vacuum of the robot style that would suck up all manner of dirty business.

I live in a very small place so having some sucker bumping about on my floors would be an issue. As it is now, I have to make sure I avoid falling over my cat.

There will be in the future — if not already — a feature you could have on your oven where the thing would turn on and tell you what to cook. Something wormed into my fridge would advise me to eat whatever because it is past its prime.

Well, if it is all the same to the robot people I am kind of near my own buy-sell date so I tell you to leave me alone.

I could of course engage in activities on a very expensive exercise machine. For a few thousand dollars or so I could have a full body experience in front of a big TV with some person in there telling me what to do. Just doesn’t sound right to me.

I really would have to get a bit nasty with all these robots yakking at me to do this or that. I would far prefer to figure out my day without orders from anything with artificial intelligence. These concepts for me really should stay in Las Vegas.

I will be at the ready to meet with all of you who show me all about real intelligence.

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