What are you most thankful for?

Many of us in a certain age bracket are just thankful that today is better that yesterday.

What are you most thankful for?

Well, this is it! Thanksgiving time of year. There are many I know who will attend church to make sure their thanks is heard at the highest level. That’s what I call giving thanks. Those of us who do not attend church can still be thankful.

I am not sure how churches celebrate this festive season. Just today a friend for many years was painting a word picture about attending church in Hope back in the day. I do recall our church in Port Alberni did a big deal as well.

I don’t have a special day for being thankful. I start every day giving thanks for another good one at this place. The birds singing, my old rescue dogs greeting me with such happiness. I do the same back to them. The old cat comes outside. More excitement as the dogs each greet the cat.

I am thankful more than most for our great medical system. The kindness and care that came to Al and I as he travelled life’s journey. Of course I can be nothing but thankful for the doctors and friends who helped me through the process so I can see the beauty of this valley. I am so amazed.

Now, if I were to ask you what you are most thankful for what would you say? Good health? A great family? Many of us in a certain age bracket are just thankful that today is better that yesterday. Just to think, tomorrow might be better yet.

After the sadness of hurricanes and a mass shooting south of the border, we should be thankful. I think today about more dogs found in appalling conditions. We can be thankful for Northwest Animal Shelter.

I was thinking this very day that maybe it would be better if I was thankful for others. It’s not about me. I have friends who will move from this valley. I am so thankful that they are getting do as they wish. Friends are always missed but memories will hold us close.

I am thankful that I have some new friends in my life. Dan and Nancy from Edmonton. Ave and Michael from Dawson City. Jonathan and Mathias in Telkwa.

I don’t have a big family but I am thankful for the folks that are still in my realm.

Before I leave you today I would like to thank Linda for letting me know that those sheets I bought are not really made from bamboo. Darn! Maybe I should have bought the toilet paper. Nice sheets anyway. Thanks to Linda for reading these words.

I will leave this for now. I look forward to our meetings out here and your calls to 250-846-5095. Email notes can come to mallory@bulkley.net.