Visitors take away a cool summer feeling

Columnist Brenda Mallory doesn’t normally do company well, but kept cool during a recent visit.

Visitors take away a cool summer feeling

Summer! Darn well about time! I ask you on this sunny day what does summer mean for you? Holidays, graduation, travel, gardening, family reunions and company? Most of the above don’t affect me too much. But this week I had the big one — company!

I don’t do company well. Not that I don’t enjoy it but it still comes down to not being very good at the process. I am great with friends who drop by for a look see at this personal park of mine. I like to sit in the dog compound and enjoy an iced tea with folks. I can be quite cordial. I know as sure as the day is long they will go to their house soon.

Now, with visitors from out of town I am in a pickle. I don’t have space for someone to live in this cabin in the woods. The outhouse for some is not much fun. For me, it is annoying if someone is in my spot when I need to use the space myself. I know this sounds a little small-minded and picky but that is how it goes.

So, you can imagine my anxiety when friends from Kelowna called and said they are on their way! A flurry of activity on my part. Clean this and that just in case. Treat the outhouse. I do mean that in the nicest way. I tried to make sure the walking trails were nice for the people to walk. That didn’t work. Too wet and too buggy.

Finally they arrived. As luck would have it for me and for them, they parked their travel trailer down at Tyhee Lake. Of course they came here for a long overdo talk about this and that. Still it is tough for me. I have stuff to do for heaven’s sake. Since they were long ago friends of Al’s from 75 years ago, they wanted to see where I put their old friend for a resting place. They liked that part.

Next day, friends with memories and stories of Al’s final days gathered at the local café to conjure up stories. These friends helped Al on his final journey and supported me after. So you see the visit wasn’t all bad.

The whole point of this bit of rambling about summer and company is that the visit was a positive experience for many. The visitors were very impressed with character of the good people who cared. They took away images of this beautiful place. They liked the peaceful feel of life in this valley. I am sure they will take away a new summer feeling as they return to Kelowna for heat and crowds of people and traffic. I am so pleased that summer for them began in this place.

I know many of you are getting ready for visitors or you are going away to visit in another place. My tip for you it stay cool, relax and enjoy the good people who are part of your life.

Time now to turn our attention to the big 150th Canadian birthday bash! Eat cake and be glad we live in this country.

Enjoyed your comments today when I was in town. You can call 250-846-5095 if you have summer comments. Email is good if you send it to