VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Notes from around town

Many thanks to Jody Barber and the DAF grad crew for helping to move 250 boxes of books donated to the Library to a secure storage area.

Many thanks to Jody Barber and the DAF grad crew for helping to move 250 boxes of books donated to the Library to a secure storage area.

This task was completed in less than an hour by cheerful, workers. Great job!

The Two Sisters have opened a restaurant in the old Mountain View Restaurant site.

One of their menu items is a Bach Wrap, named after our mayor, Taylor Bachrach.

It consists of spicy beans and rice. Didn’t get to ask who chose the ingredients.

A conversation revealed a second house on the Telkwa High Road that is suspected of being haunted.

Items left in the house look like the last owners just got up from the table and left, leaving everything behind.

Heard about an old gentleman who used the newspaper as a place mat at the table, after a meal he would just remove that page and have a clean page for the next meal. Economy at its very best indeed.

I am a great worrier, will seek out things to worry about.

The word worry comes from the old English “wyrgan” meaning “to strangle”

I’m sure you’ve heard about the grant, recently approved, going towards building our ice arena.

The town has a survey allowing everyone young and old to participate in providing information/wants/needs regarding the project.

Spread the word; find the survey on Mayor Bachrach’s or Councillor Brienesse’s facebook page or, or at Town Hall.

Volunteer Smithers has upcoming workshops: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention; Making Meetings Work Better; Working with Seniors as Clients; Working with Seniors as Clients and Volunteers; Complete Social Media for Non-Profits (you can take the morning, afternoon, or the whole day sessions).

For information call Tisha, 250-847-9515, or email

Two contests.

First, photos of volunteers who show passion or make an impact in our community.

Send the best that communicates passion, action and impact to by April 9.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three.

Second, photos of leaders of volunteers caught in the act of leading, inspiring. Send photos by April 9 to Tisha at, or call 250-847-9515.

Attend a community information session on plans for the Christian School property.

The developer, Kevin Stunder, is requesting a zoning change, and  invites owners of neighbouring properties to attend, April 4, 7 − 9pm, Sunshine Inn, Meeting Room.

They will speak on current uses permitted in Public 2 Zone, uses permitted in Residential 3 Zone, intended first phase of development followed by a question and answer period.

Mr. Stunder will be interviewed on CICK 93.9 FM, Porch Talk, April 4, 3 p.m. Tune in, get a head start on the information.

Mark you calendar for Friday, April 13, at noon, Council Briefs, 93.9 FM, CICK Community Radio.

Your comments are most welcome, 250-847-8769.

There will be a councillor available to answer questions.

Closing with: I learn by going where I have to go. Theodore Roethke.