VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Bears and graduation all part of spring

If you see a bear remain calm and don’t panic. Never approach a bear and do not run from it either.

Bears are coming out of hibernation, the 24-hour hotline to conservation officer services: 1-877-952-7277.

Each year nearly 950 black bears and 50 grizzly bears are destroyed due to conflicts between people and bears. Bear proof your home: keep garbage in the house, garage or shed until dump day; don’t add meat products or cooked food to compost; pick ripe and fallen fruit daily; use birdfeeders only in winter; clean BBQ grill after each use; bring pet dishes inside, clean up any spillage.

It is an offence to feed or leave attractants available to dangerous wildlife.

If you see a bear: remain calm; don’t panic (hah!); never approach a bear, do not run from it either: warn others of the bear’s presence, without yelling. (wouldn’t be able to!). Not sure if we are a “Bear Smart” Community.

A conservation strategy that encourages efforts by the community to reduce bear-human conflicts.  Visit, or, for more information.

Time again to show off quilting talents of the Bulkley Valley. Jewels in July: A Quilting Gem,  July 3 – 28, opening night July 6, 7 – 9pm. Registrations still accepted, extended deadline May 31,

Also looking for a couple of volunteers to be in charge of hanging the show Monday, July 2. Contact Gail Nicholson 847-3433 or the Art Gallery 847-3898.

Pick up a horseshoe for luck, protection against witches, evil. Nail it to the house door, two ends uppermost so the luck does not “run out”.

Food Secure Canada is calling for a national food policy based on recommendations in Resetting the Table: A People’s Food Policy for Canada.

There are staggering statistics about food insecurity, health issues, outrageous food costs in remote and Northern regions.

Food is a basic human right; Canada is failing in its obligations to fulfill this right.  For information:

Went to Prince George for my granddaughter’s graduation. Almost 400 students graduating at the ceremony held in the CN Centre.

Even with that many, everything was so scripted, controlled, we were only there a little over 2 hours. It was wonderful, uplifting, joyful. Came home on the train, beautiful trip.

The train travels at 45 miles per hour, a safe form of transportation.

During the trip one lady spoke of being in Prince George for her granddaughter’s graduation, we compared experiences and pictures.

New rules for driving: once you turn 80 you are required to have a doctor certify you are safe to drive then you have to go to Prince George and take a test on a computer

If you are not familiar with computers someone will sit with you.

Also, it appears B.C. and Ontario are the only provinces that make seniors pay for medical coverage. Check out, tons of information for seniors.