Lorraine Doiron

Lorraine Doiron

‘Tis the season for a feast

Sweet Harmony and savoury Chamber lunch, Telkwa and Round Lake into the spirit.

Still on my way to Hope; as of Thursday this week I have 49,840 steps to go. Getting ready for Christmas, actually mailed away some of the gifts for grandchildren — a good feeling to get that done.

A story: Mortimer the raven had a broken wing and was found by a woman who carried the young bird home. She had other pets including a budgie, cats and snakes so it was easy to adopt Mortimer. She felt that leaving Mortimer outside in the cold with a broken wing was a death sentence; at least taking him to her home was giving him a chance. Apparently in Saskatoon there is a provincial law that says she needs to turn the bird in to a wildlife vet to be euthanized. Two officers came to her home, the rules are clear according to the conservation officer, under the province’s Captive Wildlife Regulations a person needs training and a license to work as an animal rehabilitator. The woman who rescued Mortimer feels it is unfair that a bird she wants to keep and nurture will be killed because of a government regulation, there is no good reason for Mortimer the raven to die. She wants the rules changed, to be able to rehabilitate ravens if possible, give them a place to live out their years. I am hoping we will hear the result of her appeal.

You are invited for a wonderful Christmas Dinner at the Telkwa Community Church (next to BV Home Centre), a place of welcome and joy on Christmas Day. Quick Eats will cater a delicious meal, served at 5 p.m. You do not have to wait until then, the doors will open at noon and you will be served soup and buns. Feel free to stop by and stay as long as you like! All this is free, questions call 250-846-5777 or joe.ellis@posteo.net.

Friday, Dec. 21, 7 p.m., the Round Lake Hall will raise the rafters in a Sing Along to your favourite Christmas Carols. Apple cider will be warming on the stove, bring goodies, spread the word to friends and neighbours and don’t forget your inside shoes.

Questions: Judy, 250-846-5296.

Thursday, Dec. 20, bring your Christmas Spirit, your singing voice and attend the Chamber’s annual Budget Presentation and Luncheon. Lunch is always great, served hot with lots of veggies, salads, coffee and dessert. After lunch enjoy the sounds of Christmas as Sweet Harmony entertains, you will be welcome to sing along. Bring your staff, treat them to a delicious meal, have some staff pictures taken by the festive Christmas Bear. All this for $20 for Chamber members and guests. To sign up call 250-847-5072, or text 250-876-8328 or email info@smitherschamber.com.

Closing with: immure – to enclose within or as if within walls. Imprison. To build into a wall, especially to entomb in a wall.