Tim Hortons Camp Day in Smithers

That morning cup of coffee can help in more ways than you can count today.

Tim Hortons is celebrating Camp Day this June 1, where proceeds from each cup of coffee, as well as donations collected in store, can help send hundreds of kids across Canada to camp.

These, Smithers store manager Tim Close explains, are kids who wouldn’t normally get to experience camp life, and each year they select two kids from Smithers to join in on the fun.

“They’re given access to a number of resources that wouldn’t normally be available for them,” Close said.

For example, they can go river rafting, horseback riding, rock wall climbing, as well as your more traditional campfires and swimming.

There will be a plethora of volunteers who will be waiting to serve customers that day, they’re also hosting a variety of fun events to help raise donations for the cause. There will be two cake raffles, a jar of jelly beans just waiting for people to guess how many it can fit, and there will be helium-filled balloons for kids to pop with the chance of a prize within.

New this year is the feature that allows a person to donate using their debit or MasterCard, Close said, whereas before it was cash only. For those who can’t make it in person, they can always go online to www.timhortons.com to donate there.

“There’s a lot of different ways to donate this year, which is really good,” Close said. “Come on down and help send kids to camp,” Close said.