Lorraine Doiron

Lorraine Doiron

There’s no place like home

Lorraine talks homes for all, in all corporeal states.

Now that I am somewhat settled in the apartment my priorities turn towards my will.

As I age it is important to put my wishes down on paper, something legal. So I have had one appointment to discuss what is necessary and am doing research on the different burials available and costs. Two sites I came across is urnabios.com. From their site they have Bios Urn, an urn designed to convert you into a tree after life plus a Bios Incube having the urn in your home, watching the tree grow “a whole new experience.”

Then there is greenburialcouncil.org which has different beliefs on a green burial. Myself, I like the idea of becoming a tree. Always loved trees.

Monte Paulsen, one of Canada’s most experienced passive house specialists, will present Passive House 101, a rigorous energy-based design and construction standard in the industry. Check out passivehousecanada.com. The presentation will be Friday, Jan. 19, 7 p.m. at Two Sisters Café. Free admission, discussion and Q&A will follow, refreshments provided. More information at 250-847-3143 or gbrown@smithers.ca.

Saturday, Feb. 3, Round Lake Hall Dinner and Concert: 6 p.m. will be a Mexican dinner served by Quick Eats ($15). Reservations required, call Judy 250-846-5296 or events@roundlakebc.com. Following at 7:30 p.m., a concert ($10) by Danny Sklapsky with George Stokes, opening act Theresa Michell Mohr. Suggestion is to bring your inside shoes for an evening of toe tapping music!

Upcoming films, presented on Sunday evenings at the Roi Theatre by Smithers Film Series: Jan. 28, Loving Vincent (Poland/UK), a story about an investigation into the life of the posthumous master painter. This film is a multiple award winner. Feb. 11 will be Faces Places (France), a cross-generational portrait of life in rural France that received widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences. Feb. 25 will be Lady Bird (USA), winner of numerous awards for best film and best actress. This is an emotionally affecting and surprisingly funny movie.

Radio Theatre Experiment, a new initiative started by a group of keen community volunteers with an interest in drama and theatre, wanting to create new programs on our local radio station CICK, 93.9 FM. I remember listening to drama on the radio Only the Shadow Knows and comedy Amos and Andy before television took over.

Coming to the airways this spring a new season of Community Radio Theatre! You are invited to become involved, perhaps an actor, writer, musician, techie or producer. Everyone is welcome: info@smithersradio.com or 250-847-8769 or Liliana at 778-210-2873 or cicklilka@gmail.com.

Attended the open house on supportive housing. Lots of good information on what, where and why. Held in Town’s council chambers, it was crowded with mainly supporters, some great comments. At council meeting the following day a comment made by a presenter made this effort real: “people deemed homeless are not homeless. Smithers is their home, they are just houseless”.

Closing with: “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” –John Howard Payne.