The sledgehammer captured my interest

Brenda debates doing some spring cleaning or renovations at her cabin in the woods.

Brenda Mallory

Brenda Mallory

Where to start? Should I do some spring cleaning or renovate?

Either one just might be a good idea. I saw a promotional clip for a new show about renovating an old house. A crew of folks walked towards the camera with all manner of tools. It was the sledge hammer that captured my interest. I know it is just the right tool for this wee place.

Smack out a wall or two, break up my bathtub that came here from the dump. Maybe time to install a bathroom sink. I say this stuff knowing full well I will continue to live in this rustic place. I say rustic not meaning the kind that makes a classy statement. I mean rustic as in — really rustic!

Come along with me and you decide whether I should do spring cleaning or renovate. Some of the walls here have wallpaper stapled to drywall. One wall has some carpet samples hammered on plywood. Do notice the brass headboard. If you think the carpets are bit weary looking you are right. Some of the carpet came from jobs Al had installing new carpet for a customer. One door has been cut in half. Why? I could watch Al as he proceeded on his life journey. I could also make sure the dogs and the cats did not bother him.

I seldom allow anyone to go upstairs but just for a moment I will share it with you. The ceiling still displays pink insulation with dark spots indicating dead bugs. Hammered above my bed is a hunk of carpet from the dump. As mice and bugs travel under the plastic I don’t have to watch them. A couple closets are there without doors. A curtain is stapled over the opening. I could share a few more of the gory details but maybe that is enough for today.

Still I ask you — spring cleaning or a renovation? I have no idea where to begin. I suppose a new bathroom would be nice but if the truth be known, I am quite happy with the outhouse and no sink.

You might think I am less than truthful about this cabin in the woods. I think this place is just fine. Not up to the standards of most people. I don’t need fancy this and that. I just need a place to sleep and sit — that’s it.

When the season dries up the mucky bits some of you might venture down the long driveway. You will be greeted by dogs and me. Maybe by then my flower garden will distract from the rustic aspects of my life. You just might be intrigued by any reason an old lady like me could be content.

So keep in mind if you come here do tell me if I should spring clean or renovate.

Before I go today a reminder that soon the hummingbirds will return. They just might need some help from us. Clean your feeders and add a sugar mixture of four parts water to one part white sugar.

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