The dog had nothing to say but woof

Brenda has a morning that makes her wonder if she’s losing “it”

Brenda Mallory

You can’t tell me you don’t think about it.

Sure, we can take medication for this and that. A knee replacement or two or a new hip. There we have it, blood pressure is lower, mobility is easier but what about the worry that we might lose it.

By “it” I mean brain function. We all know someone who struggles with some form of dementia. So the worry is, will we be next?

It’s a name we can’t remember, or where are those keys? Missed another meeting? Can’t find your morning coffee? And so it goes. Am I losing it?

This very question came to mind the other day. I did my shopping, put the groceries in my car, chatted with folks and then I was wanting to go home. I get in a car. One little problem it was not my car. Same colour, not locked and there I was sitting in the driver’s seat. I knew I was in the wrong car when from the back seat I heard a muffled woof. I turned to look and there was a big spaniel dog who had nothing to say but woof.

I then realized there was another big dog sitting right behind me. A big shepherd who said nothing. I apologized to the dogs and got out. Embarrassing at best but my question was — am I losing it? I do hope the two big dogs were not traumatized. Maybe they were used to old ladies getting in their car.

Had that been the only event of the day I would have been fine. Just a tiny problem, when I went to go shopping I noticed when I wanted some money from my pocket that I had my fat lady pants on backwards. I did manage to finish the shopping without my pants falling down. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

To be honest I was ever so unsettled by the morning events. How do we know we are not losing it? Maybe in my case it is less of a problem since I was wondering if I had “it” in the first place. I guess the concern about our brain function is just another sign of the aging process.

I feel some consolation that I can still laugh at myself just hoping at least I remember what goofy thing has happened to me.

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