That’s one way to collect berries

Brenda says she may sound a bit disjointed — probably the heat. Or it could be the berries in her bra.

Brenda Mallory

Brenda Mallory

I am sure you all had someone say to you to wear clean underwear just in case you are in an accident. A few minutes ago I was picking saskatoon berries from a branch above my head. I did get a few, the rest went into my shirt and settled in my bra. I wasn’t expecting an accident or company so I emptied my bra of berries . My little dog spotted the activity and ate the berries. So much for clean underwear.

I had an interesting chat with some folks from Peachland. They travelled in one of those big motorhomes. Little car attached at the back, bicycles screwed into the front. Two elderly folks and a couple poofy dogs. Why come here? They were trying to get away from the heat and the smoke. Good luck with that.

I should not complain about the heat but I am going to do it anyway. I know there are those who tell me they don’t worry about the heat. They stay inside until it is cool again. When will that be I ask you? I have things to do and I refuse to stay in the house when I know there is work to do outside.

Many for whom the hot weather means air conditioning will prepare to travel to another hot place in the winter. Excuse me if I am just ever so confused. I know the winter months are long for some but when I see the beauty of a snowy day I realize why I like our winters for the most part.

Having said all that my complaining loses some validity when I look at the world of fires and heat. The Okanagan burns every summer and then we watch with great sadness about the people in Greece who have had to run for their lives to escape a wildfire. So many did not make it. Their charred bodies found in homes, hotels and vehicles.

I will leave my complaining for something else. Cooler days will come I am sure. To those who come here to visit I wish you a good time. Thanks for considering the Bulkley Valley as your destination.

Some of you have asked about feeding the birds. I put a little seed here and there mainly so I can see who is new to this forest. Lots of juncos, chickadees, woodpeckers, golden crowned sparrows, American redstart, kinglets, many robins and others I don’t know. Did I mention squirrels? Too many of those.

You do not need to feed birds now. Lots of bugs and seeds to eat. A bit of water would be appreciated by birds.

I was given some cottage cheese. I mean that in the nicest way. Anyway, what to do with it? I mixed it into a fruit smoothie. It was actually very good.

Just about now I think you are saying that these words sound a bit disjointed. Probably the heat. Mind you it could be the berries in my bra.

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