Take advantage of mild weather to clean feeders

Brenda Mallory

Brenda Mallory

Had a great call from the Susqua River area. Lots of bald eagles out there. Must be some good food.

Seems odd that this week we are getting a few more reports of the brown creeper creeping up trees toward suet.

The bird count report came in from Dawson Creek. They counted 1,884 ravens. A few redpolls as well. A reader from Granisle has three redpolls at the ground feeder. Marni from Fort Nelson thinks she is getting more redpolls every day.

With milder days in our forecast make sure you take a few minutes to clean your feeders. A mild bleach solution would be helpful. Rake up any discarded seed.

Talking about rabbits, shame on the person who abandoned several rabbits in Smithers. A kind person has rescued them but what can you do with all those rabbits?

I am always asked about a good bird book to use when out and about. I have a new one I quite like. It is called “Compact Guide to British Columbia Birds.” It is published by Lone Pine Publishing. Lots of interesting tidbits we can use.

I have to say the pileated woodpecker still comes every day to eat suet or to peel a bit more bark from trees. The little book tells me that “foraging pileated woodpeckers leave elliptical cavities and large holes at the base of trees.”

Don’t get yourself too excited about these milder days. Spring will come after another cold spell. Look through those seed catalogues and keep feeding the birds.

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