‘Sundaes on Thursday’ promises delicious melodies

‘Sundaes on Thursday’ promises delicious melodies

Ice cream sundaes and live outdoor music, summer can’t get any better!

Thursday, Aug. 10, ‘Sundaes on Thursday,’ live music with Corwin Fox (corwinfoxmusic.com) &PK Tessmann (pktessmann.ca) at High Slope Acres.

Ice cream sundaes and live outdoor music, summer can’t get any better! Starts at 6:30 p.m. Ice cream, delicious toppings and U-pick berries to top it all off. *Bring your own bowls and spoons.* Music starts at 7:30 p.m., tickets $20, kids under 12 free. Contact Mark Fisher for details and directions: markfisher@bulkley.net.

Tours at the Smithers firehall every Friday evening during the summer from 6–9 p.m. Bring the kids or just yourself to see the firetrucks and all the equipment.

Circus Performance &Juggling Workshops – Thursday, Aug. 17, 1:30-2 at the Smithers Public Library. Open to everyone. Enjoy the circus right here, see Eric the Juggler from Cirqueworks outside in the Library park. Free juggling workshops, pre-registration is required: Thursday, Aug. 17, ages 5-8 at 12:30 -1:10 (maximum 15 participants) and ages 9-12 at 2:15-3:20 (maximum 20 participants). Circus gear will be available to purchase from the traveling Circus Store. For more information call 250-847-3043.

The July-August exhibition at Smithers Art Gallery opened Tuesday, July 18 and will run into August so there is still time to enjoy the paintings by Marie-Christine Claveau from Terrace and Sherri Rogers from Vancouver. Ms. Claveau focuses on Blush Blue Bloom, paintings of the landscape, flora and fauna of northern B.C. Ms. Rogers will present Urban Frontiers, playful paintings of urban street art. For more information contact the Gallery at 250-847-3898 or smithersart.org.

Something to think about: A Calgary man has been charged with animal cruelty offences after a Labrador retriever was left in a hot vehicle for “an extended period of time” and died. The animal’s official cause of death was hyperthermia, which is extreme elevated body temperature. This is an important message for the public in the peak of hot weather and should serve as a sobering deterrent. Leaving an animal in a hot car, regardless of window position, is incredibly dangerous and can, as with this worst-case scenario, result in property damage, charges and death. Check out the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (BC) (01 July 2016) which notes “Distress Defined” and “Duties of Persons Responsible for an Animal” among other protections.

I am trying not to preach about this but have recently seen dogs left in cars, dogs in the back of a pickup with no protection from the sun, and dogs left inside a truck’s canopy which acts like an oven. Please leave your dog at home, have a good bowl of water available and some place shady where your dog can get comfortable and be safe.

Closing with this applicable word due to all the fires in B.C.: phlegethon (fleg-uh-thon). A stream of fire or fiery light. Classical mythology: a river of fire, one of five rivers surrounding Hades. Also called pyriphlegethon.