Summer book club spreads throughout region

The Hazelton Public Library is set to begin another round of the provincially-driven summer reading club.

The Hazelton Public Library is set to begin another round of the provincially-driven summer reading club, with the hope that it will happen in all of the surrounding communities.

Ruth Cooper and Tara Williston are the driving forces behind the program, but the program wouldn’t be possible if not for representatives in each of the outlying villages.

The program is free for youth up to age 13 and is facilitated by a community member who has to be trained by HPL staff.

“This is a great way to maintain or improve reading comprehension and enjoyment while school is out,” Ruth Cooper, assistant librarian, said.

“We want to get a program in each community because sometimes it is difficult to travel to Old Hazelton.”

“We’re still working on the western villages,” Williston said.

“But there’s training happening there and we’ll hopefully have a program running in Gitanyow and Gitwangak as well.”

Programs are currently set up in South Hazelton, New Hazelton, Two-Mile, Hagwilget and Old Hazelton with the potential for one in Kispiox Village as well, Williston added.

The theme for this year’s summer club is, ‘Up, Up and Away’, which gives facilitators plenty of material to choose from.

“There’s space, flight, taking to the skies,” Williston said.

“As well as other world’s which can all be experienced through stories.”

The summer reading club is sponsored by the B.C. Library Association and Libraries and Literacy, which is a branch of the B.C. Ministry of Education.

“Literacy is a gift that builds bright and hopeful futures for families,” Premier Christy Clark said on the Libraries and Literacy web page.

Participants in the reading club will keep a record of materials read and will be eligible for a prize at the end of the summer, Williston said.

“We have stickers and temporary tattoos and other activities to make it more enjoyable for them,” she added.

The summer reading club begins July 2.

“We’re asking anyone that wants to help facilitate this program in their area to get in touch with us,” Cooper said.

For more information call the library at 250-842-5961 or visit