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Spring brings longer days and March break

Spring is near at hand, clocks moved ahead and days just a bit longer, time to enjoy spring break.

While the first day of Spring isn’t officially until next Tuesday, one can definitely feel it in the air.

Not to mention the fact that turning the clocks ahead last weekend brought a seemingly longer evening even though the hours of daylight are of course the same.

Yet, we have way more light in our days now than we did only a few weeks ago let alone in December.

With the longer hours of light and warming temperatures the snow is starting to melt and rot.

This in turn can make for some dangerous conditions for those of us out trying to squeeze in the last few weeks of winter activities.

Snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing both downhill and cross country, snow shoeing and on and on can all become trickier.

Experts suggest that one should stay on the trails at this time of year if out and about hiking and remember while the lakes have some thick ice this year, where creeks enter and exit lakes the ice can be dangerously thin.

As for the Spring weather, the roads are clearing which means the die hards and eager children can get their bikes out again.

While I love the smells of spring, there is one smell that always speaks of melt when out walking the roads and some trails and that’s the lovely dog poop that seems to permeate the air from time to time.

Although the smells of spring have some much nicer aromas’ too.

Birds are already starting to return, the Chickadees amongst many others are singing their mating songs and we even had a few bugs flying around on the weekend.

Another sign of spring is March Break which is arriving next week.

For many children and parents and there are a ton of great activities going on in the Hazelton’s as well as the recreation centres in Smithers, Terrace, Houston and Kitimat.

To find out more, call your local sports centres.

While many parents have to work, finding some extra time for a fun family adventure is always a great addition for Spring break.

Even if it means getting home and going for a family hike up to the lakes or lookout and having a bonfire and roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.

Anything outside is a great addition to healthy living.

So as spring is upon us, get outdoors, enjoy the return of the light and warmth in the days.

Enjoy family time with friends and loved ones and first and foremost, play it safe.