SPICE OF LIFE: Jubilee raises many questions

Did you watch the Diamond Jubilee celebrations? I watched a little.

Did you watch the Diamond Jubilee celebrations? I watched a little. I peered through the rain with the crowds who wanted to see the 1000 boats floating down the Thames.

I tried to watch some of the big concert but I have an idea my look was very similar to the one the Queen sported. Didn’t know who some of the entertainers were. Didn’t care after a time.

Okay I did recognize Tom Jones. That was Tom Jones -wasn’t it? His  skin was kind of tight. Elton John, Paul McCartney were recognizable as were the songs they sang.

One thing I did enjoy was the big group of singers on stage who sang Sing. Just loved the children from Africa. Hope the Queen enjoyed that part.

60 years on the job!

I can remember many years ago when then Princess Elizabeth made a surprise visit to Port Alberni.

We were let out of school, rushed down the hill, given a little flag and waited for her to pass by. She waved to all and that was it.

When the coronation took place I camped out in an oxygen tent in our local hospital. I spent time looking at old LIFE magazines. To help pass the time I would cut  out all the pictures to paste in a scrap book.

Even at that young age I was fascinated by all the family and beautiful palaces.

So, when I saw the 86-year-old Queen waving dutifully from her yacht in the pouring rain I was impressed. Such stamina!!

She rode in a beautiful carriage. She looked relaxed then.

Back to the concert. So many people standing there with faces painted and flags waving.

They had the chance to watch the events on a big screen TV.

I wonder what does a person do when they hear the call of nature beckoning over the maddening crowd?  Just a silly question from a person who watched some of the jubilee on my little TV not a great distance from facilities.

Another question for you?

Do you think the Queen ever wishes for a bit of time away from all the royal duties? People bowing and scraping in front of you all the time. Someone just hoping you’ll say hello or take their small offering of flowers.

Like they say she was born to the position.

Those of us who are minor royal watchers will see what happens next.

The old movies will be played, documentaries will retell the royal tales and we’ll be captivated by lives far from our own.

I’m surprise how many readers called about the jubilee.

Some liked it and a few pooh-poohs were voiced about the whole extravaganza.

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