SPICE OF LIFE: Asking is best way to get answers

Since I’m slowly getting the hang of this new phase in my life I have to say there seem to be more questions than my mind can handle.

Questions, questions, questions.

Since I’m slowly getting the hang of this new phase in my life I have to say there seem to be more questions than my mind can  handle.

I’ve learned if there’s a question on how to do whatever it is or if I need help with one thing or another the only way to manage is to ask.

Just a short while ago a sick young moose got hung up in fence wire.

I called and asked friends for help. Very soon the help arrived, the wire was  cut but sadly the moose was too weak to carry on.

A very kind conservation officer took care of the moose.

I was so glad and thankful I had asked for help and I had friends willing to help.

My brother and his wife gave me a dandy power drill.

I’m learning about bits and bobs that make the drill a great tool for me.

I actually hope to find something that needs fixing. Just love that machine.

A few days back another widow and I sat at the Midway Café discussing our power tools.

I’ve learned about screw drivers with their very own names. Different kinds of shovels have different purposes.

I know about adding stuff to the snow blower so it will work well for me in the winter

I was told not to use old gas in my mower. Make sure I check the oil levels, etc.

This past week I complained about my weed eater being too short for me. Just didn’t seem right.

I said to my dog Cody,” There has to be a solution.”

Finally I figured how to lengthen the handle and how to fix the weed eater  string. If someone had been here I would’ve asked.

I guess I’m trying to tell you that often some of us get a bit stubborn.

Maybe we think we can do everything ourselves. I’ve learned, I tell you I’ve learned.

There’ll be many things I’ll need help with as I travel down this road  but now I know I have friends at the ready with knowledge and patience to show me how to look after this place.

Some naysayers said I would be abandoned by those who helped me through the crisis.

So far all the help has stayed in place. In fact by the time you read these words a crew of friends will have helped me bring in the wood for next year.

A lot of work for these fellas but my goodness is the effort appreciated.

So I say to you, man or woman, don’t let pride or stubbornness make your life more difficult.

In most cases all you have to do is ask.

So on that note I will put my tools away, walk the dog and call it a day.

Your questions and suggestions are always welcome when you call 250-846-5095. This new computer has figured out how to accept your e-mail notes when they come to mallory@bulkley.net.


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