Art and Gift Basket Fundraiser for Ukraine. (Grant Harris photo)

Art and Gift Basket Fundraiser for Ukraine. (Grant Harris photo)

Smithers residents pull together to raise funds and donations for Ukraine.

Fundraisers and donations for citizen in Ukraine being organized by Smithers residents.

Smithers residents are running on-line fundraising auctions, gathering donations and sending the money and donations to those in desperate need in Ukraine.

“We are trying to run fundraisers and help different organizations who are in Ukraine helping people on the ground or to those who are struggling right now, like orphanages, seniors homes, etc.,” said Luba Kasum, one of the organizers.

“We have already sent money to an orphanage with special needs children in Odessa, to an orphanage in Sumy and to the city volunteer organization in Chernihiv that helps people with medication, food, and everyday necessities.”

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“The city of Chernihiv is in a blockade right now. People can’t leave the city and are being bombed. People are stranded without power, water, gas, food is scarce. There are just a few generators that are being taken around town on a schedule so that people can charge their phones to be connected with the outside, as well as do some other everyday needs that require power.

“There is a volunteer organization outside of Chernihiv that delivers generators, fuel, food and medication into Chernihiv in spite of being bombed. They take risks every day to get things to people that they need most.. We would like to send money to them,” Kasum continued.

Depending on how much money is raised with the art and gift basket fundraiser, there are other institutions that need money and help as well.

Cancer treatment departments are suffering greatly, and hospitals overall, so the group will plan to help them with future fundraisers and donations.

Donations can be made at, or dropped off to the Star Lynx office on Main Street in Smithers.

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