All participants in the Smithers Scavenger Hunt who solve all eight clues are eligible for the grand prize of $100. (Submitted photo)

All participants in the Smithers Scavenger Hunt who solve all eight clues are eligible for the grand prize of $100. (Submitted photo)

Smithers community scavenger hunt offers $100 grand prize

Kaitlyn Bailey wanted to host a fun, COVID-friendly event to get people out and about

What started out as an activity among a group of friends to get out and have some fun while observing COVID-related health measures has become a community-wide event including prizes.

Last year, Kaitlyn Bailey and a group of friends created scavenger hunts for each other around town. She wanted to do it again this year and thought it would be fun to have prizes. When she came across a Neighboorhood Small Grants program by the Vancouver Foundation (VF), she thought it would be a great fit for a community scavenger hunt.

She got the grant and the Smithers Scavenger Hunt was born.

It is a Facebook event that anyone can participate in at It is running over the next two weeks until May 23. Each week there will be four clues to places in Smithers with a prize associated with each clue.

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When a participant solves a clue, they will find a laminated sheet of paper with a passcode that entitles the holder to enter into a draw for the associated prize.

Anybody who solves all eight clues by May 23 is also eligible for the grand prize of $100.

Bailey said a lot of people have responded to the event and quite a few have already entered for this Sunday’s prize draws.

The rules:

1. You can only participate with other people in your household.

2. If you arrive at a destination and there are other hunters already there, stay at least 6-feet away, wait until they leave, and then approach the laminated question sheet.

3. Do not touch the laminated question sheet. Read it, take a photo with your phone, or jot down the passcode on a notepad so you can enter it later.

4. You must get to the location using self-propelled travel. This means you can bike, walk, roll or skip, but no driving!

5. Only one entry per clue per person.

The Vancouver Foundation provides grants of up to $500 for individuals with ideas to help connect and engage people in their neighbourhoods.

“Because small is beautiful. And small things can have big impact,” the VF website states.

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