Siblings hailed as heroes after daring fire rescue

A Hazelton Seventh Day Adventist student and his sister are being called local heroes by their teaching principal, Stewart Schwab, after they helped save a woman from a house fire.

“Both were out playing when they saw smoke,” Schwab shared. “They went to investigate and discovered a fire on a local reserve and both rushed into action, knocking on doors of nearby homes, alerting them of the fire. They went and knocked on several homes before someone answered and they then helped that resident phone 911. After the call was placed they went around the home that was a blaze and discovered a trapped women on a balcony. By the time the fire department arrived, with the help of a local neighbour, they had rescued the women. I am so proud of this young man and his sister and they have shown to their community that Christ makes a difference.”

While Schwab did not disclose the names of the young heroes at this time, he did add that they held a celebration at the school for both.