Recycling hits the Hazeltons

Recycling has finally arrived in the Hazelton’s on a little bit more a permanent basis.

Recycling has finally arrived in the Hazelton’s on a little bit more a permanent basis.

While there’s been a few who tried to bring this much needed asset to the area it’s been a long and hard road do to many things.

Some of those include getting the recycled product picked up, prices and location issues from living in the north.

However, as of last week, it just got a little easier thanks to a Phase 2 project funded by the Regional District of Kitimat and Stikine.

Now we can take our cardboard boxes, packaging, newsprint, office paper flyers and more to one of three local drop-off locations.

I love the fact the South Hazelton one is by the Post Office boxes at the Fire Hall as I have often talked to residents who get a ton of flyers in the mail that end up in the trash as many can’t even be used to burn.

Not only does this help cut down on the landfill contributions but it’s also a great way for Hazeltonians to start making a difference.

While I’m very excited about the new additions I also hope this is just the start of many great things to come.

I would love to see a drop-off for used electronics and computers.

I know they’ve had pilot projects where people can bring these things once in a while on a certain day to a certain drop-off but many people can’t quite make it and the number of computers, televisions and other electronics thrown in the dump is amazing.

It would be great if we could follow a path similar to many of our fellow provinces

In Ontario, for example, you can recycle almost anything, including compost, yard clippings, plastics, glass, tin, aluminum and much more.

In fact when I was back east last month I was amazed at how little garbage actually went to the local landfills.

My mother and her neighbours rarely had a small white kitchen bag filled each week and compared to what we are forced to throw away here, that is something to learn from.

Yet, I’m thrilled to have a starting point and I did notice a few weeks ago that I can take my tin cans to the dump where there is a special dumpster near the metal pile marked for this exact thing.

I do hope most people take advantage of the handy new drop bins and take all their paper products to the locations as well as help to keep the areas clean so we can prove we need and appreciate recycling options in the north and in the Hazelton’s, we want more to come in the future.