Pre-register for Treasure Island

This year Hazelton Secondary School Drama teacher Barb Janze is bringing the Missoula Children’s Theatre to produce the musical Treasure Island and she is putting out a call to all children and youth between the ages of 5-and-18.

Janze has had the registration forms out in the community but she is concerned that many people don’t know about the upcoming theatre production and she needs people to sign up in advance.

“I’m asking people to pre-register because it is during school time,” she shared. “Students will most likely miss four days of school that week. However, some students will only miss part of the day.  It depends on what  and how they get cast.”

Rides for the students will be arranged from parents who volunteer to be drivers as well as from HSS staff who will be able to drive kids back to school in the mini-bus.  Yet, Janze added that they will need lots of help from everyone during this time.

“This is a pretty exciting venture and it will take lots of coordinated volunteers,” she said. “We also need to sell lots of tickets as that is how we need to pay for this amazing opportunity.”

Tickets are $10 for an adult and $7 for a youth.

People can find the registration packages at the high school or call Janze at 250-842-5214 ext. 3168 or e-mail her at and she can send a package.