Pennies for cancer patients

Bulkley Valley Christian School students recently, collected their spare change for the Canadian Cancer Society (Pennies for Patients).

Imagine trying to outpace other classes in your school in a fundraiser for a really good cause.

Imagine bringing in endless pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, and still ending up with a negative total when the fundraiser came to an end.

That’s what happened to the Grade 11 and 12 students at Bulkley Valley Christian School recently, when students were given a coinbox and encouraged to bring in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for the Canadian Cancer Society (Pennies for Patients).

The unique twist, however, loonies or toonies put into a coinbox by students from other grades would bring their totals down.

By the time the fundraiser was completed, the Grade 11 class had a grand total of -$268.86 and the Grade 12 class had a grand total of -$278.46.

These negative totals might suggest a lack of enthusiasm for the cause, but this was certainly not the case.

In fact the negative totals were simply a result of acts of loonie and toonie “sabotage” by competing classrooms.

Every classroom at BVCS from Kindergarten to Grade 12 participated and more than $6000 was raised.

The leading classroom was a Grade 5/6 combination classroom with an amazing total of $921.31.

Also, the Grade 6 class took their band instruments around town and tried to raise a few additional dollars.