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On the subject of aging

Good morning all! I hope reading this column has not interrupted your pill taking scenario.

Good morning all! I hope reading this column has not interrupted your pill taking scenario.

Did you take your heart medication? How about the diabetes stuff? Drops for your eyes? Cholesterol drug? Your arthritis covered? There now, I have been brought to this weeks topic — aging well.

Now that I have said that I have lost the younger readers, but when you think about it the aging process for all of us began just after birth. Mind you it does accelerate as we get along the timeline of living.

My keen interest in the aging process began long before I got old myself. Back in the 50s my father wrote his first book, The Solution to the Problem of Aging. Since I helped with the writing part of the book my interest was piqued.

I actually found myself getting a little excited when I started to re-read a book written by Dr. Robert Atkins titled Age Defying Diet Revolution. This is not a weight loss book but it will set you straight on why we age and how we can help ourselves. Lots of research material to refer to.

The book will remind you how important it is to take natural source vitamin E and vitamin C. Why? Studies have proven that both will reduce free radicals in the body. Other studies have shown that vitamin E might help reduce the incidents of heart disease. Rememeber vitamin E acts as a blood thinner so always check with your health care provider before taking any supplement.

Vitamin E and Gingko Biloba help ward off brain function problems like memory loss. How do I know? I have researched all I can relying on books here and the internet. You could do the same or ask a nutritionist, your doctor of or someone who might have information.

The book also discusses the taking of vitamin E to help prevent prostate cancer or if you have it could slow the process.

A good section deals with green tea. It has antioxidant properties. It helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease and could help with the inflammation of arthritis. Why not have a few cups a day?

Exercise is covered as well. Old folks who use a free weights just a little will improve their strength thus making sure we don’t topple over so much. How simple is that?

There is far too much information in the the book and others to write in my space allowed so my homework assignment for you today is to get on a computer and find out the value of taking vitamin E, vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, garlic, ginkgo biloba and others. Find out the good foods we should eat to ward off the aging issues.

Young or old we can do something to help ourselves. Be involved in your own health care. Of course it does need to be repeated that speaking to your health care provider is a must when you embark on any change in vitamins you might take. Caution is the watch-word.

I am not sure if the Dr. Atkins’ Age Defying Diet Revolution book is still around. I have an idea you might find a copy when looking at things on your computer.

Good luck, age well and call me about it at 250-846-5095 or e-mail a note to