Notes from readers help time move along

Brenda Mallory finds solace in reading notes from readers.

How time flies.

It has been three months since my old Al passed away. Three months.

So many of the readers of this column ask me how I am doing. Not too bad.

The friends who helped me through the crisis of Al’s illness and the aftermath of his death have remained there for me. Snow has been moved from one spot to another, hot water heater now works just fine. The vacuum has been fixed.

Great heaps of snow and ice were taken out of the dog compound. Little containers of soup or other food stuff came my way. A neighbour takes away the garbage. Bird seed comes as a gift.

Visits from friends fill this little house with laughter and memories. A good cup of tea and a long chat is sometimes all it takes to make time move along as it should.

My brother calls and keeps me connected to family. Readers have sent cards and great notes.

Today I have to thank reader Barbara Campbell of Smithers who sent a great book titled Vidh-A Book of Mourning.” It is written by Phyllis Nakonechny. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do.

I tell you it almost seems as if the author is walking right along with me as I take this journey.

Let me share a little bit of the book with you. “I prepare the table for guests -a friend and her husband. I do this because I fear isolation and the eccentricity that attends it.

Will I turn into the weird woman on the block? Will young children whisper about me as they steal past my property?

Will I become a “widow.”?

All day I’ve been busy with cookbooks and cleaning, hoping to give the right impression, that I’m fine. No mad-hatter in this house.

It isn’t until after the table is set that I see I’ve set four places instead of three.”

I read those words and  realised I had done the same thing.

Only difference was that I invited a male friend to sit at the fourth place.

If you’ve lost someone recently or long ago this book will give you comfort.

If you have a friend struggling with loss find a copy of this book.

So I say thank you to Barbara for the book, to all who help me and keep me on the right course. Your calls have come to 250-846-5095 and the e-mail notes come to