New Hazelton NWCC campus hosts Good Food shorts

The Northwest Community College Hazelton campus hosts final Cinema Politica film of the season, Good Food Shorts, Sunday, May 13 at 7 p.m.

The Northwest Community College Hazelton campus is hosting their final Cinema Politica film of the season, titled Good Food Shorts, this weekend on Sunday, May 13th at 7 p.m.

This particular collection of short films discusses food and sustainability through a variety of topics.

Some of the shorts include: The Luckiest Nut in the World: a singing peanut and his gang of shelled friends who explain that sometimes free trade is just “nuts”. Asparagus (A Stalk-umentary): is a short that takes people to the asparagus capital of the world to discover why this particular vegetable is so important.

Food Justice: A Growing Movement focuses on farmers becoming activists in the fight for food justice in West Oakland, California. Inch by Inch: Providence Youth Gardens For Change deals with teachers and students in Providence, Rhode Island who get their hands dirty to enrich their lives.

Terminator Tomatoes is a short that highlights a farmer and his daughter as they delve into a crop of genetically modified tomatoes.

Young Agrarians features young people who plants the seeds for a sustainable future. Profit Cola takes viewers on a rider down the sugar rollercoaster of Profit Cola and the connection to childhood obesity. Water Warriors deals with the rising cost of water and in particular residents of Highland Park Michigan who are questioning who will pay for the soaring cost of a necessity.

Don’t Worry explains how Sunny D is marked to young children. One More Dead Fish is a short that showcases Handline fishermen who fight to survive in a globalizing industry. The Meatrix is a journey starring Leo the pig and his journey about taking the “blue pill” and the small family farms who produce food.

The Future of Food looks at the current state of food, science and capitalism as they merge placing the global food system in potential peril. Food For Thought shows Balitmore youth that love their vegetables and fruit.

Broken Limbs: Searching for the new American farmer focuses on the frontline of the battle in Washington to save America’s small-scale apple farmers. Finally is Ripe for Change: that states in a “world where scarcity is the norm, our food system is ripe for change.”

All of the above shorts range in length from approximately 3 minutes to 9 minutes and the organizers say this is the “perfect  time for “food for thought” as you ready to plant your own garden,” and everyone is invited to come out to the evening event. For more information contact the NWCC Hazelton campus or visit their website for facts on this film as well as upcoming films scheduled for the fall.