MY TOWN: We need to write the Queen more often

While Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II refused Dupuis’s request to fire Stephen Harper I thought I would share the story all the same.

Last week an Ottawa paper, the Huffington Post, ran a story called Chantal Dupuis: Queen Elizabeth writes back after getting letter from Quebec resident calling for Stephen Harper to be fired.

Intrigued to say the least before reading the story, I thought it was a great little piece to share with fellow northern residents who are feeling frustrated with the way the current federal and provincial governments are ruling our country.

Now while Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II refused Dupuis’s request to fire the Canadian Prime Minister I thought I would share the story all the same.

Dupuis who wrote the Queen back in December’s letter read as follows:

“As Your Majesty is our head of state, I have no other choice but to ask Your Majesty to help us Canadians to remove Stephen Harper from the office of Prime Minister of Canada, because Canadian democracy is in danger like never before in its history,” she wrote.

She complained the Prime Minister has “repeatedly violated the Canadian constitution and he doesn’t deserve a majority government after getting less than 50 per cent of the popular vote.”

She continued by saying Harper’s appointees, “are doing his bidding instead of fulfilling their duties.”

She even suggested Governor General David Johnston should have kicked Harper out of office  when the government was found to be in contempt.

“In the past, people went to prison for having been found in contempt of Parliament, but now, when the totality of the government Stephen Harper leads is found in contempt, nothing is done to protect Canadians and their constitutional rights,” she argued.

“As a Canadian, I was wondering when Your Majesty would intervene to protect us Canadians?

“How could Her Majesty, as the chief of Canada, do nothing?”

Impressively, the Queen’s senior correspondence officer, Sonia Bonici, actually responded in February and thanked Dupuis for her letter.

However, Bonici confirmed Her Majesty had no plans to remove Harper from office.

“Her Majesty has taken note of the views you express but I should explain that there is no question of The Queen dismissing the Canadian Prime Minister or dissolving Parliament as you suggest,” Bonici wrote in her letter to Dupuis..

“Nonetheless, it was useful to The Queen to have your views and I am to thank you for writing,” the correspondence officer concluded.

Now with all of this said, I thought it was a great idea if more people wrote Her Majesty a letter telling of our concerns with things such as oil tankers in B.C.’s dangerous coastal inlets and other issues many of us have with the current situation of our province and country.

After all, even if nothing comes out of our requests and letters at the very least we are using our voice to bring our concerns to a higher level and across the globe.