My Town: Hazelton – great town, great people

The Hazelton’s have had their setbacks throughout the years, but one thing no one can take away is the widespread community spirit.

The Hazelton’s have had their setbacks to say the least throughout the years.

But even though companies can take away jobs, close their stores, shut down lumber mills and the many government organizations seem to try and fight entrepreneurs and potential projects at every corner, there is one thing no one can seem to take away.

That is the community spirit that is wide spread throughout the area.

Despite extremely high unemployment rates and poverty, when someone needs help, others always step up to the plate.

From those who have lost everything in a house fire, to raising money for a school in memory of a wonderful friend, daughter and sister, to fighting off Enbridge and Northern Gateway projects, to building a Skate and Bike Park or raising money for a family in need from medical expenses.

These several small communities and the many great people who live in them have a lot to offer and a lot of heart.

This past week I experienced this kindness first hand once again as our women’s hockey team, the Hazelton Bandits, held a last minute fundraiser dance to raise money for much needed uniforms for the team.

From the businesses such as Chevron Town Pantry and Country Herbs to the many people we came across, so many were willing to go the distance and help the team out.

Some bought tickets to the dance even though they were not going to attend, some donated time to help out, and even Smithers businesses such as Bulkley Valley Wholesale and the Interior News extended their hand and generosity which was all greatly appreciated.

The entire team was so thrilled and honoured to have such support and very happy that everyone who attended the dance had a great time.

Then on Monday morning I learned about Tiffany Bennett’s Memorial School for Savannah Jones and that while she had reached her goal of raising $15,000 to build a much needed school in Africa, the World Vision Organization had raised the cost of the projects to $22,000 in the last year.

While I am sure this was frustrating for the young and dedicated University of British Columbia student from Hazelton, I am confident our communities can once again band together and find a way to make this dream a reality for both the Jones family and Tiffany.

After all the people of the Hazelton’s found a way to raise enough money to reach the first goal.

Because of that I am sure we can find a way to take this great project all the way and get a school built in another country in memory of a young girl who gave so much to her community.

With that said, I also encourage others with great idea’s on how to improve our area to step forward and get the word out.

You would be surprised at how much this area can accomplish when put to the test.

As I looked back through all the great things our area has done in the last decade I am so proud to live here amongst such wonderful people and I am completely confident that the future is getting brighter for the many who love to call the Hazelton’s home.