Katie Savage (left) and Cindy Savage (right) in Tyhee Market.

Katie Savage (left) and Cindy Savage (right) in Tyhee Market.

Mother-daughter team open Tyhee Market in Telkwa

Katie and Cindy Savage are serving the Village of Telkwa at their new store, Tyhee Market.

Warm, friendly and convenient service is what you can expect at the new Tyhee Market in Telkwa.

The market had its soft opening on April 10.

After receiving the building just on April 1, co-owners Cindy and Katie Savage went to work on it.

The mother and daughter want to maintain the previous use of the store.

When you walk in, you’ll still be able to purchase the common things you would find at any local convenience store. However, they are also looking into branching out into a functional grocery store.

“We are looking at also branching out into groceries and supporting local producers, farmers and growers, and we’re also looking into supporting some artisans further down the road,” said Cindy.

Cindy also mentioned a laundry facility attached to the market and developing a snack bar.

“We will be starting out with what the One Stop did in the past with the pizza and the hot dogs and whatnot, but we also want to branch out into soups and sandwiches,” she said.

But this is still under development, according to Cindy and Katie.

Both owners know it will take them some time to get to the capacity they want, but they are optimistic and want to hear from the community.

“We want to see what people like and we are looking for feedback too, to support them,” said Cindy.

This is the first time both Cindy and Katie have started a business like this, however, with the support of their family and the community they are excited about the future.

“It’s just been really nice. The community and the stuff we are getting on social media, the support has been awesome. Everybody has been like yay, finally some food in Telkwa,” said Cindy.

She has been in Telkwa for 27 years and is happy to see how much support they have received.

So far, the process has gone smoothly for them both.

“So far there hasn’t been anything super major that couldn’t be fixed, nothing yet. Let’s hope it stays that way,” Katie said with a laugh.

Both Katie and Cindy hope that overall the store becomes a gathering place for the community.

“We really want this to be a place in the community. Come in have a coffee, have a muffin, chat with us about your day, that kind of feeling,” said Katie.