Relay for Life orgainzier

Relay for Life orgainzier

McKee remembers grandmother

For Hazelton resident Katie McKee, 15, Relay for Life is an opportunity to remember and honour her grandmother.

For Katie McKee, 15, Relay for Life is an opportunity to remember and honour her grandmother and she wishes more of her peers would follow her lead.

McKee, a student at Hazelton secondary school, once again walked away with first-place honours of raising the most money in the youth category, more than $3,000 this year.

“The Purney family in Hazelton are always big supporters,” McKee said.

“They donate substantial amounts every year.”

In her seventh year at Relay for Life, McKee, who has now raised more than $15,000, said she started participating as a way of remembering and honouring her grandmother.

“It was really hard because she was the heart of the family,” McKee said.

“She had a beautiful garden and we used to pick strawberries together.

“She liked the help.”

This year, McKee teamed up with family to form the Long Live team and they raised more than $6,000.

“It’s such a good feeling to be here and to see everyone together,” she said.

However, the less than full participation at this year’s Relay for Life, especially from her peers, was the toughest part of the experience, McKee admitted.

“I guess people lose interest,” McKee said, as she scanned the field at Chandler Park.

“They [classmates] focus on the 12-hour walk,” she said trying to explain the lack of participation.

But Relay for Life is much more than walking, McKee said.

“It’s knowing that you’ve done something great.

“I wish people would realize there’s such a good feeling that comes with it.”

Despite the disappointment with the overall participation, McKee is already keen on participating next year and has a few ideas on how she can raise even more money.

“I’m going to try and get an earlier start,” she said.