Mercedes Wright (left)

Mercedes Wright (left)

Magic Fairy in the Microvave explodes onto Hazelton stage

New play for Hazelton is a riot. Next show set for Feb. 14.

Magic Fairy in the Microwave is the latest production from the Hazelton secondary school drama club for the first time Jan. 24 to a sold-out crowd.

The crowd was in stitches nearly the entire performance and hung onto every word in the quiet moments.

The action happens almost entirely in the imagination of lead character, Sarah, played by Mercedes Wright.

Wright was glad to be done the first performance, despite a wardrobe mishap.

“I’ve been practicing all day,” Wright said.

“Sliding the same way every time does damage to my tights.”

The male lead, Tom, played by Brandon Wale is subjected to several challenges for Sarah’s love.

Wale reflected on some improvisation.

“It was scary when Taylor didn’t drop the knife and I had to punch him,” Wale said after the play was done.

The reason the choreography was a bit off was the villain was played by stand-in, Taylor Alex, originally part of the stage crew.

The audience wouldn’t have known if not for director, Barb Janze, making them aware post-performance.

Janze was elated after the show.

“That’s the best I’ve seen from them,” she said.

The next performance is Feb. 14 at HSS.