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Love your heart this Valentine’s Day

Lorraine on salt, song, snow, and a social night out learning to paint and help musical theatre kids
Lorraine Doiron

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you did something special for yourself and, of course, family and friends. Taking care of your heart is a good way to start; apparently 89 per cent of adults eat too much salt. From what I have read, salt increases your risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney problems. We should stick to no more than 2,300 mg daily if healthy BUT if over 50, 1,500mg (about 2/3 teaspoon) — 75 per cent of extra salt comes from restaurant meals and packaged foods.

Some hints: pick iodized salt. If available, low-sodium salt — a mix of sodium chloride (regular salt) and potassium chloride. Sea salt and Kosher salt have bigger granules so you get more flavour in one granule and can use less when sprinkling it on top of foods. So much to learn — I always thought getting older meant I could relax, sit and watch TV, eat good foods, but no, the push is to get active, watch what you eat, get regular checkups, take care of your teeth. I told the dentist I should just bring a cot over and stay there for a week or so. Something else I have noticed since these huge snow piles we now have in front of prime parking places, studies have shown that people really DO take longer to leave a parking spot when someone’s waiting for it!

The Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society will hold a coffeehouse at the Smithers Art Gallery this Friday at 7 p.m. Featured music artists: Peter Haines and BackRoads Home, Michelle and Rob Nesbit, and George Stokes. Great time for an evening of music, friends and refreshments. Tickets at the door.

The Bulkley Valley Backpackers have weekly Sunday snowshoeing/skiing/hiking outings except for statutory holidays. Check out current details, sometimes start times vary, at Important to always contact the coordinator in advance for specific outing information.

The Film Society presents: Feb. 25, Lady Bird (USA), a film emotionally affecting and funny. March 11, The Florida Project (USA), both a heartfelt look at the lives of the downtrodden and a poignant tale of childhood. Start times are 6 p.m.

Also this Friday, 7-10 p.m., Paint Project Fundraiser at the GM showroom to support the Musical Theatre Kids. A social evening where you can come out by yourself or with friends. You will be guided to paint your very own painting led by professional painter Sherry Nielsen. Tickets $45 available at SALT on Main Street or at the GM office next to Tandoori Bistro. All materials are provided, just bring your sense of adventure.

From Al Gore, longtime eco-crusader: “Hard to compete with what Mother Nature has to say.” Don’t believe in climate change? Look outside!

Based on my recent attempts at downsizing, closing with: “The art is not one of forgetting but letting go. And when everything else is gone, you can be rich in loss.” –Rebecca Solnit