South Hazelton children check out the great selection of books with driver

South Hazelton children check out the great selection of books with driver

Little blue bus now big white bus

The Little Blue Bus or Lit Limo has been a big hit in the Hazeltons for the past few years with both the young and old and recently it got a new look.

But now the little blue bus is no more — to be replaced by an improved version. At the end of last year, librarian and summer reading program leader Ruth Cooper learned that there was a larger, newer lit bus in Lillooet that was being given to a community that could run the program.

Knowing that not only could the area use the bus and already actively ran a lit limo she acted fast and applied.

Months later, they were awarded the new and improved bus which boasts a bigger bus, beautiful booking shelves, a reading area equipped with benches, windows that open and is overall, much brighter inside.

While the new bus is a little bigger, bus driver and book man Dusty Cooper said he really enjoys the new Lit Limo.

“It’s much brighter, has a great area in the back for relaxing and reading as well as for programmes such as our summer reading one and the benches even lift up for storage,” he shared.

The only potential short term draw back will be, the children, youth and adults who are used to watching for the little blue bus might not recognize the big white bus for a few weeks. Yet it will be making all the regular stops at the same time as the former blue bus and now has a great new venue for the summer reading program.

To learn more about the new bus and the times it comes to the various communities, please contact the Hazelton District Library.