Listen up, it’s nature!

Brenda says if you are walking nature’s trails, spare the thingamajigs and listen up.

Brenda Mallory

A beautiful cool morning. The dogs and I walked well in advance of the hoards of mosquitoes who were waiting for me somewhere. With the cooler days the wildflowers display their colours a bit longer. My property trails are lined with many flowers.

Arnica everywhere as well as Solomon seal. Anyone who was wondering which flower has that heady perfume smell, it is Solomon seal. Mind you it could be chokecherry trees that are also in full bloom. Look down and you will see a carpet of those little purple violets. Pea vine flowers just starting to bloom. Same with columbine. Many oxeye daisies not ready to bloom.

If I look up I will see the eagle attempting once more to terrorize the nest of ravens. Quite a carry on with all that. Osprey overhead as well. Loons call from Tyhee lake. Smaller birds like chickadees, juncos and robins busy themselves with nesting chores. Hummingbirds are just coming back to check the sugar water feeder. Check the sugar water in your feeders. Often a heavy rain will displace the sugar.

One situation of concern for me is the lack of tree swallows at the nesting boxes. Not a one! I wish I had a sensible answer for that. Maybe someone out there has the same issue. Let me know.

Bears! I know many of you fear black bears. I have lived in the company of bears for over 40 years. Not once have I had a problem. I make sure I listen up for sounds of goings on in my forest. I watch the dogs for their reaction to something. The dogs are trained to return to their compound after they have had a good woof-up at the bear. The bear knows we are here and I know where the bear is. Soon all is quiet and peaceful.

How about this? Just this very morning I saw a commercial about all the great fun you could have while walking in the forest. Just buy the gizmo that will read a book to you while you walk about. Just stick those thingamajigs in your ear and binge listen or whatever it is called. Excuse me? What are you thinking? Mother Nature would be with me on this one. If you enjoy the outdoors listening is a valuable tool to employ as you walk about.

Don’t get me wrong here. I do think having the ability to enjoy a good book by listening is great. For those unable to read anymore or need the company of a good book, this process is well worth it. But please, if you are walking nature’s trails –listen up!

Should I keep feeding the birds I am asked?

Most birds can get their own food now. I still give out a gob of peanut butter for the woodpeckers. They don’t need me but I need them as part of my day’s enjoyment.

Thanks to all those who responded about the surrender and rescue of dogs and cats. I was surprised how many told me about the good thing they did by maybe walking a neighbour’s dog or taking on a long-time pet companion of a person who had passed away. Good for you, lucky for the cats or dogs.

See you when I am out and about. You could call me at 250-846-5095 or email a note to

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