Life’s so bright I need to wear shades

No need to worry about a doctor mucking about in your eyes.

Life’s so bright I need to wear shades

You have called, sent an email or just caught up with me when I was about and about. The big question so many have had this week is, “how did the eye surgery work out?”

Well, I have to tell you the results are amazing! Believe it or not, I can see without glasses. I have worn glasses for over 70 years! Everything is clear as a bell. In fact, the world is too bright for me. I am wearing sunglasses when I am outside.

The only concern I had was when I realized that I could not read at all. Really not one darn word. Today I can see a bit better. I will need reading glasses. Fine by me.

All the carry on beforehand was a bit much for me. I actually had a physical. I thought the doctor said he wanted to get physical. Maybe my hearing is going now.

I said I would do the blood test part. After I donated a wee bit of blood I was told to remove my clothes on my upper body and lie down. Good grief. Rubber things like post-it notes were stuck to my fat, then wires ran to a computer to check my old ticker.

Next part was a trip to Terrace to see what’s what prior to the surgery. That was a day trip. In three weeks I was on my way back to Terrace to have the procedure done. It wasn’t too bad at all. Check into the hospital, wait a bit and soon it was my turn. Into the operating room, stuff was done to my old eye and it was announced that it was all done. Maybe 20 minutes. How about that?

Back to the doctor’s regular office. The eye was checked and soon I was on my way back home after a good lunch. I was told I should wear my regular glasses. A little nervous when I could not see much of anything. Home again, remove my regular glasses and I could see! I have not been able to see that well for maybe 40 years! So I tell you, if you are a bit apprehensive about someone mucking about in your eye, relax. It doesn’t hurt and it is fast!

There a few rules to follow — do this and don’t do that sort of thing — but it is all written down for you. Putting all the drops in my eye seems to take time and a bit of memory. I don’t complain about that.

I do have to give a big thank-you to Jan for driving me and to Ned and Jack for looking after my dogs, etc. Thanks to Jonathan for helping me read some stuff. Thanks to my niece Shannon who sorted out some information as well.

If you have any questions send a note to or call 250-846-5095.