Let’s show appreciation for emergency service workers

Aretha Franklin said it best: Respect

I’m not inclined to getting chocked up but the other day a big lump in my throat chocked me up.

I was watching a bit of the funeral procession for Constable Robb Costello and Sara Burns. Both of these heroes were members of the Fredericton police force.

I looked at the line of mourners along the route standing in the pouring rain. Umbrellas up , rubber boots on and a few signs showing sadness and respect.

Aretha Franklin said it best -“Respect”! Why do we wait for a tragedy before we can show how much we respect those who put their lives on the line for us?

Smithers has a small RCMP force of 20. I know I am thankful for all they do in this area. Next time I see an officer I will tell him of her thank you and I do respect you.

All this makes me think of those who battle the wildfires in this area. How much do you respect those folks? Day after day they do all they can to protect us and our homes. Firefighters come from far away or close to home to help us.I certainly respect that.

Our first responders are at the ready to make sure we are assisted with a medical issue. Rescue crews put their own lives at risk to save someone from a mountain top or a valley.

Here ‘s another group who deserve our respect during this time of fires and turmoil. Volunteers!! Refuge from fires is organized. Food is in place. Clothing is gathered for those in need.

I really don’t have a lot to say this week. I just wanted to make sure we all find it in our hearts to say thank you to a firefighter ,police officer, first responder etc. Show all those who give of themselves a lot of respect.

Goodness , I seem quite philosophical this week. I suppose the death of Aretha Franklin spurred me with her iconic song “Respect.

Hope all of you managed with the smoke and heat. Send a note to me at mallory@bulkley or just call 250-846-5095.