K’san Performing Arts sharing culture in Chengdu, China

The K’san Performing Arts has been invited to participate and perform in a Cultural Exchange Project in Chengdu, China with Mosuo Communities in Lu Gu Lake and Li Jang and this week they are holding an All Clan’s Fun Feast and Gwee-ii-a on Saturday.

Organizers are still looking for anyone who is interested in setting up their own exhibit and artwork to sell but the main goal is to have fun, Shirley Muldon explained.

“We hope to create a Feast Hall atmosphere in the arena and we need all the help we can get,” she explained. “K’san Performing Arts will have their new book on sale, there will be lots of performers and a salmon dinner. But most importantly, we want to let people know that everyone is welcome.”

The feast will kick off at 2 p.m. and the entertainment will be diverse. Students from New Hazelton, John Field and Kispiox Elementary schools will be performing along with Hazelton Secondary school students and the Gitsegukla Dancers and the K’san Performing Arts. There will be a salmon dinner served at 5 p.m.

The group is still scheduled to leave on May 23 and arriving in Beijing on the 25th and Muldon feels this will not only be a great experience for the Performing Arts but also a great opportunity to generate tourism in the north.

“This is a good opportunity to establish links with the Chinese tourist agencies to bring more Chinese visitors to our community and the Northwest,” she added. “We will give our prints out as part of our welcome and scarves for Hee ii a (Old Lady).”

Their journey will start in Beijing and they plan to send a couple days there to see The Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. From there they arrive in Chengdu on the 28th, head for LiJiang on June 4, bus to LuGu Lake and meet another aboriginal matriarchal society, the Mosuo, there on the 5th. Next will be back to Li Jiang on the 6th, meet with the Mosuo there for a second Cultural Exchange return to Chengdu-Beijing- Vancouver to catch the morning flight from Vancouver to Terrace.

While there is a great expense related to the trip, Muldon said regardless of how much money is raised they are committed to going and right now they are looking forward to having fun at this weekend’s feast.

Anyone that has questions or is interested in supporting the trip can make a donation or find out other ways to help out by contacting Muldon at 250-842-5527 or email at smuldon@bulkley.net.