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Kitimat church invites all denominations to world prayer day

The World Day of Prayer will be celebrated Friday, March 1. (File photo)

The Alliance Church is inviting the community to join a global observance of the World Day of Prayer next month. The annual event unites Christians from various traditions around the world to focus on issues affecting women and children. In 2024, the service holds special significance as it features materials written by Christian women from Palestine, under the theme “I beg you…bear with one another in Love.”

Originating nearly a century ago, the World Day of Prayer fosters unity among Christians from over 170 countries, transcending denominational lines to pray for social justice and the well-being of women and families globally. The Canadian participation has been robust, with more than 1,200 services hosted across the country.

The chosen theme for this year’s service draws from Ephesians 4:1-7, emphasising humility, unity, and love. The program, crafted by ecumenical Christian Palestinian women, resonates with Paul’s message to bear with each other in love, despite challenges and oppression.

Donations collected will support the continuity of the movement and fund grant projects aimed at promoting social justice for women and families both in Canada and internationally.

The event at the Kitimat Alliance Church will take place Friday, March 1 at 7 p.m.