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Importance of creativity the soul of art show

Bulkley Valley Christian School showcases student art
Visual art was on display for attendees of the Art and Soul evening at Bulkley Valley Christian School. Tom Best photo

Bulkley Valley Christian School hosted an evening of the arts called Art and Soul last week which presented a wide variety of performances and displayed works of art from the students. The school gymnasium was full to watch and listen to the students perform dances, sing and play.

Master of Ceremonies Chris Steenhof, the school’s principal, was very enthusiastic about the response by the audience to all of the performances and excited about how the arts have become an important element of school life.

“We usually have a year end concert but this year we decided to expand to celebrate all of the arts. The variety, the originality and the creativity of student work on display is awe inspiring,” he said.

“We as a Christian school believe that the arts are a way to express creativity and originality so for us it’s just a natural flow out of who we are as people. We celebrate a God who has given us creativity and enjoyment of the arts is a rich Christian tradition,” he said.

During the intermission, those in attendance were able to view displays of art, poetry, technology and music.

Dawn Grasmeyer is a parent with three children attending the Bulkley Valley Christian School who is very enthusiastic about how the school operates.

“It encourages their creativity so they can think on their own and create something that they can be proud of. In the arts there is not a right answer whereas in math there is,” she said.

Not only were artworks on display, but displays of poetry, technology and science were also available. Tom Best photo
A wide variety of music was performed by students ranging from classical to pop, from vocal to instrumental at the Art and Soul evening at Bulkley Valley Christian School. Tom Best photo
The high quality and wide range of matter held the interest of all who were able to browse over the displayed art during the intermission Tom Best photo